Tiger’s mistresses

Porn star Joslyn James tearfully wondered why she didn't get a public apology from TigerI am bored to tears by the Tiger Woods “sex scandal”. I am long past being horrified or relishing the prurient details.  I don’t see that the personal lives of individuals impede their ability to perform their professional or public duties. Unless they are using public funds or behaving in a demented manner, who cares what consenting adults do on their own time? I couldn’t care less about most people’s philandering, unless they philander into my life.

But, I am fascinated by this new type of fallen women who feels scorned by her lover when he returns to his wife. Gone for good are the cowering little back street mistresses who hide their faces from the paparazzi and slink away in shame.
No, these new school home-wreckers are brazen, unrepentant, and they even have lawyers. They are oblivious to the saying ‘what goes around comes around’. Their behavior is shameless and without any respect for marriage, family, or other women. I was amused to hear several of the mistresses were dismayed and shocked to hear Tiger was “cheating” on them. Hadn’t they heard a Tiger never changes his stripes?
As the story of Tiger Woods’ marital problems, sex addiction, and betrayal of his wife and children has unfolded, many of his mistresses have felt compelled to come and tell their side. What “side” do these women have to tell? To call Tiger Woods well-known is an understatement. Even I who have little interest in sports or golf know his life story, including his marriage to a very nice, well-educated woman who is the mother of his two children. These are well publicized facts. It boggles my mind to think these women perceive themselves to be injured parties.  Co-conspirators perhaps, but injured parties? I think not.
I was further flummoxed when Gloria Allred, a high-profile lawyer for women’s causes, appeared with one of Tiger’s mistresses shortly after the golfer’s statement apologizing for his behavior. Allred claimed that her client, porn star Joslyn James, was owed an apology too, and Tiger Wood’s apology was just a stunt. "I just watched Tiger Woods’ apology on television,” Allred said, “and he said that many people believed in him. He also said he wanted to make amends. He did not apologize by name to my client … and I ask, why no apology?" 
I can think of many reasons why this woman had no reason to expect an apology on national TV from her married lover. What did she expect, getting involved with a promiscuous, famous married man such as Tiger Woods? A “Pretty Woman” happy ending? At least the man in that Hollywood fantasy was single.
It seems unlikely that she expected a proposal given the rather raw, violent nature of the texts she recently made public and claims are from Tiger. None of these messages paint the picture of anything, but a sexual relationship. 
Rachel Uchitel was hurt that  Tiger ws "cheating" on her. Quelle surpize.Rachel Uchitel, the Manhattan nightclub hostess also known as the “original mistress”, was reportedly not too happy when she first heard about the other women the golf great may have been seeing.

According to People.com a friend reported, "Rachel was mad at Tiger when she found out about the other girls and did not speak to him for three days.” Angry or not, Uchitel was far from naïve as a nightclub hostess who has been involved with celebrities.

Many of Tiger’s mistresses have come forward with salacious details of their so-called relationships. It is clear he left a flotilla of discarded, angry, scorned women in his wake. It is equally clear he never expected his affairs to infringe on his real life. And now, as he is trying to rescue his badly-damaged marriage and tarnished public image, he is also dealing with a pack of scorned women.
Too bad he wasn’t better schooled in literature or he may have remembered the famous Congreve quote: "Heaven has no rage like love to neither hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned…” As for the women, they have had their 15 minutes of infamy. The smart ones will clean up their act and realize the are not playing a winning game in life or love. 
Nightclub hostess, porn stars, and racy ladies who dally with married men are not the new great courtesans in the mold of Madame Du Barry. They are disposable entertainment for rich men. They are deluded if they think they are involved in a love match that will end happily ever after. I think many of them live in a fantasy world. Surrounded by rich men who spend freely, these women do not realize they are just another consumable.
The smart ones write a book and move on.