Making the stars shine

Nikole Morrow-PettusAfter my color transformation at the hands of Natalie, I stopped by the chair of Nikole Morrow Pettus. Nikole is the Cosmetic Director and Master Makeup artist at Van Michael Buckhead in
Atlanta is major media and film center and Nicole often is on call for movie press tours. She regularly beautifies the likes of Matthew McConaughey and cast of The Hunger Games when they come through town for press tours and media appearances.
Nikole powders and primps her star clients to look their best. Occasionally she might even have to buy a movie star a new shirt.Celebrities aside, Nikole agreed that a makeup lesson with a master could make any woman look and feel fabulous. Too many women fail to realize that they have access to all the same products and experts as their favourite celebrities.
As we chatted and joked, Nikole effortlessly erased shadows that a long day had placed under my eyes. She contoured my cheeks, played up my eyes, and glossed my lips. The effect was soft, sexy, and just a little sultry. I loved it and felt instantly renewed.
Most women know that a makeup application is great for a special occasion or photo, but a makeup lesson can teach a woman how to choose and use makeup to look her best every day. Nicole also has access to the full line of Aveda cosmetics for women who prefer natural products. Aveda products look gorgeous and smell divine due to aromatherapy oils. I enjoyed wearing them.
Nikole answered some pressing make up questions for DolceDolce readers:
Q. Most wearable spring makeup trend?
A. Coral! Whether you wear it on your cheeks as blush or on your lip as a lip gloss or lipstick, coral refreshes the skin and gives the face life.
Q. Can any woman wear spring’s sexy new tangerine lip?
A. Yes! There is the perfect shade for every woman. Women with fair skin look best in a concentrated shade. Women with darker skin typically look best in a glaze or saturated tone.
Q. How important is a strong eyebrow? How can you define your brow naturally, with pencil to powder?
A. I tell my clients to think of the eye as art and the brow as the frame that will display it. Brows make the shape; color and clarity of the eye stand out. Full brows give a youthful look, and sculpted brows bring on a more mature and distinctive appearance. To create a brow that isn't naturally there, I prefer to work with a pencil. For brows that are full and have existing density, I prefer to use a powder.
Q. What are the biggest mistakes you see women making with makeup?  
A. There are two mistakes that I see often. The first is too much makeup. The second is too little! Heavy foundation or metallic shadow is too much for everyday wear and can be distracting in conversation. I do believe that wearing the right amount of makeup adds to a woman’s polished image. I encourage small enhancements that will create a thoughtful and pulled together appearance.
Q. What are your three must-have makeup items this spring?
A.  1.Bright lips! 2. Blue eyeliner! 3. Pastel shadow!