Finding Family

The Year Everything Changed by bestselling author Georgia Bockoven is a very modern family saga. Bockoven tells the story of four half-sisters who have never met, but are brought together by the last wish of their long-lost father.
The women are all very different, but as they are forced to spend time with each other, theybegan to see parts of themselves in each other.
Each woman is at a crossroad when she meets the others. Elizabeth, the eldest, has suffered from being abandoned by her father. She has also grown up to be a loving mother and wife. Now, as she is about to become an empty-nester with her adoring husband, her beloved and indulged daughter returns home with a secret.
Ginger is stunningly gorgeous. She wants to be married and have a family, but she always pick the wrong man.
Rachel is a successful career women, wife, and mother. She has it all until learns that her perfect life is flawed by betrayal.
Christina, the baby sister is a spitfire who is full of ambition, but she has been abused and betrayed.
The four women must make sense of their own lives and that of the father they barely knew.
The Year Everything Changed is sentimental and predictable, but also sweet and fun.