Art, intrigue, and passion!

The Woman Who Heard Color by Kelly Jones is a riveting mystery story straight from the headlines.   

It tells the story of Lauren O’Farrell, who is on a mission to recover art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Her investigation leads her to Isabelle Fletcher, a chic elderly New Yorker.
Lauren wants to quiz Isabelle about her mother, Hanna Schmid, who is rumored to have been an art dealer in Munich during the 1930s. Lauren is also on the trail of a missing Kaminski masterpiece she suspects may be in Isabelle’s home.
There are also rumours that Hanna may have collaborated with Adolf Hitler to steal valuable art from wealthy Jews. The truth turns out to be very different than what Lauren initially believed.
The novel sets forth interesting questions. How would any of us react faced with difficult choices under life threatening circumstances? Who does art belong to? How important is to preserve it? Who decides what is art?
This is a fascinating story about woman who places herself in jeopardy to preserve her passion. It is also a story of survival and morality.
The story takes unexpected twist and turns as Jones cunningly draws readers in her character’s lives. She also manages to incorporate many fascinating details about history and art in 1930s.
This is truly an enjoyable and memorable read for mystery and art lovers alike.