Saved by beauty and hair school

The Wisdom of the Hair by Kim Boykin tells the story of Zora May Adams a young mountain girl who uses her talent for hairstyling to break a generation of poverty and abuse.
Zora has grown up in a poor mountain community with a crazy, alcoholic mother, who gets drunk and brings home abusive men.
Zora finally gathers her courage to escape one night after high school graduation.
With the help of her high school English teacher Zora enrolls in beauty school and begins her new life. But first she must resist falling into the same trap that ruined her mother’s life.
As Zora settles into her new life in the small town of Davenport, she falls in love with beautiful but deeply flawed man. She also makes her first friend. To save herself and break free of her destructive past, Zora must learn that she is worthy of love.
What separates The Wisdom of the Hair from similar and forgettable chit-lit books is Boykin’s fresh and realistic voice. Even though Zora meets more than her share of helpful characters, Boykin doesn’t sugarcoat her rough upbringing or the mistakes she makes on her way to a new life.
The Wisdom of the Hair is a light, humorous story about a young woman climbing out of poverty and learning to stand on her own. The refreshing twist is that it is not a story about a young woman being rescued. Zora rescues herself.