Cocoa, the sweet health-giver

Almost everyone knows that most women’s “drug” of choice, chocolate, is full of anti-oxidant goodness. Anti-oxidants repair the damage that free radicals do to the body at the cellular level. Alas eating chocolate — even dark chocolate — can be fattening. So despite the numerous studies on the benefits of cocoa, you can’t just chow down on cocoa goodies to get the benefits and stay slim.

CocoaWell supplements have all the benefits of cocoa without the calories, fat, and sugar. Two small tablets per day are equivalent to five to six cups of pure cocoa. They also contain a blend of green tea and acacia catechu that deliver the incredible health benefits of flavanols such as catechin, epicatechin, and EGCG. These potent catechin flavanols are among the most researched of all phytonutrients. Cocoa has been found to have among the highest and purest level of these beneficial nutrients.
CocoaWell comes in three formulas: Maximum Potency Organic Cocoa with 450 mg Pure Plant Flavanols and True Energy with AdaotoStress3.The first two formulas protect heart function, improve mood, and have anti-aging benefits. There is also the Advanced Heart CoQ10 formula has the same anti-aging benefits and helps to lower bad cholesterol.]