Sisters, queens and forbidden passions!

The Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot is a historical novel set in the middle ages that tells the tale of the "sister queens" Marguerite and Eleanor. They were the beautiful daughters of the powerful and charismatic Count of Provence.Marguerite the elder, blond sister married Louis IV of France. Later, her younger sister Eleanor, the fiery-haired sister, married Henry III of England. 

Henry and Louis were rivals, yet Marguerite and Eleanor remained close throughout their lives. They eventually brought a rapprochement between the rival kings and cousins, Louis and Henry.
Marguerite’s marriage was challenging. Louis was overly religious and his mother was domineering.
While Eleanor was initially jealous of her sister’s good-looking husband, she made a love match with the older Henry.
The letters and diary entries that Perinot uses to tell the story are fictional. The Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot is set in a colourful and dynamic period. Louis IV, a religious zealot, embarked on a long and unsuccessful crusade. Marguerite found true love in the midst of it, in a forbidden, adulterous union with a dashing knight.
The novel captures the nuances and intrigues of court life, as well as the excitement and danger of forbidden passions in the torrid Middle East from a fascinating feminine perspective. This is must-read for lovers of historical romance.