Going to a wedding –as a “single”

Beth “Bee” Evans is a considerate bride. She has allowed all of her single guests, even the unattached ones, to bring a “plus one.” Bee remembers the awkward parings she was subjected to as single. She is determined to spare her friends similar humiliation. Alas, weddings seem destined to be emotional minefields, even with escorts.
The Singles: A Novel by Meredith Goldstein is wry look at a group of five single friends as they endure their friend’s “joyous” occasion.
Bridesmaid Hannah is still mourning her ex, whom she will have to see at the reception with his stunning new girlfriend.
Vicki is an interior designer whose job for a ritzy grocery store chain is too good to quit, but is so depressing that she’s in therapy as well as on anti-depressants.
Rob lives in quiet suburb with only his dog for company. He is so despondent sand detached in his quiet single life that he almost misses the wedding and a chance to reunite with a lost love.
Phil is a security guard who has recently blown a relationship with a cute girl because of guilt over his widowed mom.
The wedding acts as a catalyst for this group of single misfits to finally grow up, stop making excuses, and find the lives they dreamed of in university. The Singles is funny and touching. Any woman who has attended a wedding as a “single” will find it very relatable.