A must-read thriller, The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison is a riveting novel that follows the breakdown of a marriage between two seemingly normal but dysfunctional people. The narration alternates between the wife Jodi and her philandering husband Todd.
Jodi and Todd seem to have it all. He is a good looking, successful developer in his forties married to a still beautiful wife who cooks him a gourmet dinner every night in their chic, downtown condo.
Jodi works part time as a psychotherapist while she maintains a perfect home. Todd follows a daily routine of work, exercise, drinking, and philandering.
Jodi knows about Todd’s cheating but she is curiously unaffected. As long as he comes home to her and their life proceeds in an orderly manner, Jodi has no intention of rocking the boat.
All is well until Todd falls for, and impregnates, the twenty-something daughter of his best friend, Natasha. She plans have her baby, marry Todd, and take Jodi’s place.
Jodi begins to panic when she realizes that Todd, whom she never legally married, intends to evict her from her home and give her almost nothing from their twenty years together. Todd is forced into crisis when his best friend and wife turn on him.
The Silent Wife is an artfully told story. The author slowly doles out the details of Jodi and Todd’s past lives as the plot unfolds. Harrison creates an intriguing web of mutual need and compulsion between her various characters.  Surprising psychological relations and murky secrets slide effortlessly together, moving the story to its surprising ending.
It is easy to see why fans of the bestselling thriller, Gone Girl, are calling The Silent Wife a must-read!