A soulful read

 As fall approaches and the harvest comes in, Deb Williams retreats to her books and kitchen. Here is her review of The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister. Deb has also included a brief interview with the author.

 The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister, reviewed by Deb Williams:
This is the time of the year when my reading preference changes from light summery bliss to books that are rich and soulful. The School Of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister can be best described as just that. 
As Bauermeister releases aromas which gently toy with the reader’s senses. The story follows Chef Lillian’s Monday night culinary class and the eight students who meet there. As garlic starts to simmer and wafts of fresh basil mingle in the air, each character’s story delicately unfurls. Through the pairing of spices and the student’s stories, the reader is taken on an adventure of self discovery.
Lillian gives each student the opportunity to find closure, peace, and redemption by allowing them to learn the recipe for a life brimming with romance and companionship.
The School of Essential Ingredients is a book that nourishes, moulds, and brings to life characters many of us can identify with. It has a little something for everyone.
Bauermeister’s latest venture has cemented my philosophy that good food and laughter will always be found in the same room.
Deb WilliamsErica Bauermeister agreed to share some thoughts with our readers:
DD: How did you  create the characters in the novel?
EB: I knew I wanted to write a book; I knew it would have eight characters and a teacher, but I didn’t know who they were. It was like building a house and simply believing that people would move in. And one by one they did.
DD: If you were to make a dish that best represented your personality, what would it be?
DD: I think it would be pasta sauce from scratch, which is also my favourite thing to make. I love opening the refrigerator and looking at what I have left over and then figuring out how to turn those ingredients into a sauce that is new and different and special. I think this is what we writers do as well – we take all the bits and pieces of the world, all the small things we notice on a daily basis, and turn them into something coherent and meaningful, and – with any luck – original.
DD: What is your message to readers who are interested in cooking –what can they prepare themselves for?
DD: The point of the book is the characters and what they learn about themselves and each other through their time in the cooking school. My hope is that whether you are a cook or the queen/king of take-out, you will walk away with a new appreciation of your senses, a new appreciation of how much we might not know about the people we encounter in our lives.
Bauermeister nourishes the reader with her tale. She helps us realize that the joy we find in our life is worth holding onto.