Secrets from the newest Beverly Hills Housewife

 Dana Wilkey Dana Wilkey is one of the newest additions to the glamorous cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is an A-list party planner and the force behind many of Hollywood’s star-studded events. She planned the extravagant birthday party that cast-mate and close friend Taylor threw for her young daughter Kennedy last season. 

Dana is a successful businesswoman and a millionaire in her own right. She is also the mother of two-year-old.
Dana is smart and savvy, and she agreed to share some her entertaining tips and style secrets. Here is Dana’s scoop on this season of RHBH and her sensational style.
DD: What is the best thing about joining the cast of RHBH, and what has been the most stressful?
DW: It’s fun to have the power to get people talking.  The most stressful challenge was balancing telling the truth but not betraying my friendship with Taylor, and also being entertaining but not looking like an idiot.
DD: Who on the cast was the most supportive and who was the hardest to deal with – and why?
DW: The most supportive cast member is Taylor for me, because she cares about my well-being on and off the show. The hardest to deal with would be Brandi Glanville, because she has no filter.
DD: Which housewives (on any of the shows) are the best hostesses and why?
DW: Adrienne Maloof is an amazing hostess.  Let’s face it, running a casino makes for good hostess training! She and her staff are great at finding great vendors and bringing them together. She has the right attitude, which is to dream big and create a theme no matter the reason for the event, whether it is big or small.
DD: What tips can you give our readers for hosting a successful party?
DW: Come up with a theme first for your event.  It will help tie your event together, even if it’s as simple as a color.
Spend money on invitations that are unique and beautiful!  It will get the town talking about your party and make everyone want to come.
Set a budget and follow it – remember it’s not quantity of people it’s the quality.
DD: What are your three fashion must-haves?
DW: Herve Leger black dress with short cap sleeves; a pavé diamond heart necklace; any pair of Louboutins! My fave from this season are the black leather platform shoes with black spikes glued on all over them. They are conservative in shape, but when you get up close, the spikes give them a huge edge that says HOT!
DD: What is the secret of your fitness routine?
DW:  Thin shot (a vitamin weight-loss drink) and sprinting only.
DD: What are your best fashion or beauty tips?
DW: Laser hair removal works and is amazing. I recommend it highly.  It saves me so much time because I don’t have to shave anymore.
Go get your bra measured frequently. A women’s breast size changes several times during her life. She should always wear the right bra for comfort and to look together.
If you are a size 10 and under and over 30, own a Herve Leger dress at all costs. You will wear it a million times and look amazing.
Have real nails and take good care of them.  It’s hard at first but with Salley Hansen nail strengthener, frequent manicures, and Folic Vitamin, you will have them in a month — if you don’t let yourself damage them. 
If you don’t know what to wear to an event, always go preppy or wear black.
Dana’s must-have products:
For hair:
Lea Journo hydrating shampoo (so good because it is sulfate- and paraben-FREE)
Lea Journo Hydrating conditioner (with plum oil and sweet almond peptides). I love this conditioner because it repairs but without the weight of most conditioners.
Nexxus Heat Protexx = Heat protection
Lea Journo intense Hair Hydrating MASQUE. I use the masque once a week. After using it a few times. It repairs even the most damage hair !
Lea Journo revive FRENCH PLUM OIL
(From the south of France) Add 5 drops to the mask for an absolute non-greasy intense repair. It even can be used on the face and body.
L’Oreal Ellnet Satin Strong hold hair spray. This is the best hairspray on the market. It has great hold, but is soft and the can never clogs!
Lea Journo Volumizng Spray. I have really flat hair, so this helps give me some lift around my hair line.
For the Face:
Smashbox High def healthy FX Foundation. Your skin will look perfect, but make sure you get the right skin color!
Smashbox Limitless lip stain and color seal balm. I love guava. You can look like you are wearing lipstick for hours, but it doesn’t get dry because of the balm. This color is great because it brightens the face of anyone not afraid of a bold color.
Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Express 9x. This is the best mascara — and I have tried them all. It puts fake extensions on your eyes when you brush it on.
Chanel highlighter Face pen. It is under-eye concealer, but I use it for everything!
Smashbox clear cheek duo. Blushing/peony works for almost any skin color and is moist, so it looks natural.
MAC eyelashes – singles. They are the right length.
Thin Shot. A vitamin liquid shot you drink that has vitamins for skin and hair plus lots of great metabolism boosters and support for the brain. It helps me diet but feel good.