A vivid Trans-Atlantic romance

The New York Time’s Best Seller, The Postmistress by Sarah Blake is now in paperback. Here is Deb Williams’ review:

I always feel a rush of excitement as I realize the book I am reading is turning out to be something fabulous. Sarah Blake’s The Postmistress is just that — fabulous! In a world of thrillers and fast-paced murder mysteries, I was enraptured by her ability to take the reader on a slow journey.
The novel is set in 1941 as the German blitz and nightly air raids leave London devastated, while at the same time an ocean away, two new residents arrive in Franklin, Massachusetts. The postmistress and doctor’s wife on Cape Cod, and Frankie in London, will all play roles in each others’s lives.
Blake nudges us to look deeper as she delicately unravels the lives of the three protagonists: Frankie Bard, a radio journalist stationed in London who is earnestly trying to report the “truth”; Emma Fitch, the doctor’s wife, a petite, quiet woman with her own secret to hide; And Iris James, the new postmistress who holds the biggest secret of all, an undelivered letter. These three women play integral roles in a web of romance, mystery and inevitable tragedy.
Blake showcases her writing ability by constantly moving from the bleak, war-torn European countryside to the quaint beauty of Cape Cod. She gives her characters depth and meaning that make their stories memorable.
This is a tale that cannot be rushed. The reader must allow it to unfold slowly to its shocking conclusion. So, on a summer evening when there is a gentle breeze and all is quiet, read The Postmistress. I’m sure you will enjoy this heart-warming book, as I did.