The Met Gala Shimmers!

Rita Ora in Tom Ford "Chinese Whispers"

Rita Ora in Tom Ford
“Chinese Whispers”

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I love the photos from the Met Gala, the big fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Vogue’s editor, Anna Wintour, oversees the event, one of the last big formal parties left. Guests dress up and some go way over the top with wild outfits. The event – its theme this year was “Chinese Whispers” – is so divine and has so much cachet, that at even $25,000 a ticket the rich and famous clamour to attend. This is a witty evening of style, elegance, and celebrity.


The Met Gala shimmers in a world that is increasingly drab in the name of comfort and “cool”. Even the hippest hipsters and the grungiest grungsters get their glad rags on to come to see Anna at the Met.

Wearing Prada Olivia Wilde

Wearing Prada
Olivia Wilde


Some of the outfits this year were wild, as they were supposed to be; this is after all a themed event for the Museum of Art’s Costume Wing. It marks the opening of a new exhibition  each season – this year, “China, Through the Looking Glass” – so the towering headdress worn by fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker and Cara Delevingne’s artistic body painting were perfect. They underscore the purpose of fantasy and the glamour of fashion in our lives. The Met Gala is a huge fundraiser, but the event is also a reminder to dress up and shine. A message that is dearly needed when so many people think that life is nothing more than a perpetual come as you are party.