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Each new fashion season there are more voices and more choices. Gone are the days of a single look or an “it bag”. Now a fashionable woman is free to choose clothes that resonate with her life and spirit.


This is a marvelous freedom for those confident about their look. And it can be confusing for those who are less confident. Even fashion editors seem to struggle these days to find the strongest themes each season and the best way to describe them.


Looking at the collections for fall 2015 I am often reminded of Yves St. Laurent’s dramatic Ballet Russes Collection, Fall 1976. The historic collection was sweeping and romantic.


Looking at the fall collections from Alberta Ferretti, Vita Kin and Lanvin, I was instantly taken back to the opulent fur, embroidery, velvets and brocade of St. Laurent’s epic Ballet Russes.


Women adored that collection and the passion it embodied. One look at the gorgeous fur hats, velvets, and satins, and women could imagine themselves as the heroine of an epic.YSL Les Ballet Russe


The power of clothes to transform or enhance is the magic of fashion. It doesn’t require a jeweled ball gown or embroidered velvet skirt. A flattering pink sweater, great boots, or anything that makes you feel and look special can work the spell.


When you shop for anything this fall – no matter what your budget – don’t settle for ordinary and dull. Buy something that makes you feel bewitching.


Summer is fleeting so savour it.


The last fleeting days are here so make them count.


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