The Idea of Him

The-Idea-of-Him-by-Holly-Peterson.jpgClick top title to open and scroll  The Idea of Him is modern love story as well as a page-turner of a mystery. Author Holly Peterson has captured the pathos of modern career woman who spends so much time chasing the perfect life that she never stops to ask herself what she really wants or needs. Allie Crawford is that career woman, and she is “making it” in New York. She is a successful PR maven married to Wade, the suave editor of a slick magazine. As a couple they are successful, good looking, and glamorous, but Allie always feels she is playing catch-up. Allie worries about bills, her two small children, and her glamorous husband’s wandering eye.  So Allie panics when she meets Jackie. The stunning grad student tells Allie that her husband is involved in double-dealing that may destroy her life. Allie can’t dismiss Jackie.  The leggy beauty knows too much about Allie’s husband and she even admits to having had a brief affair with him. 

As Allie tries to figure out the truth about her husband’s infidelity and financial shenanigans, her world slowly come undone. 

The Idea of Him is a smart, sexy read full of intrigue against a drop-dead chic background.  Holly Peterson is also the author of the bestseller The Manny.