A haunting tale of forbidden love

The House At Tyneford by Natasha Solomons is a haunting World War II romance. 

Elise Landau, the accomplished daughter of artistic upper middle class Jews, is sent to be a servant in Tyneford, a remote English village. It is no longer safe to be a Jew in Austria and her parents are making plans to flee. Elise’s older sister and her husband have already left for the U.S. 
Elise, like many other displaced Europeans is force to take employment as a domestic. She is ill suited for service by temperament and upbringing. She is also extremely homesick.
Ultimately, she and Kit, the moody young son of the house defy convention and fall in love.
Britain enters the war and the social order that governs life in the village changes.
The House at Tyneford is haunting, romantic and compelling picture of war that changed the world forever.
The story was inspired by a real village in Dorset, England and real life events.
Solomon’s paints a fascinating detailed portrait of life in small English village before WWII. She brilliantly captures the nuances of the British class structure that still underpins life in the UK today. The House at Tyneford and its surprising ending will linger in your memory long after you have turned the last page.