Another Brennan Sisters saga from Jane Porter

The Good Wife: A Brennan Sisters Novel by Jane Porter picks up where the Good Sister left off. The Brennan clan is gathered in San Francisco. Aside from grieving for their mother, the-larger-life Irish family is fighting. And with their mother gone, no one is there to sort out their differences.
Eldest daughter Meg and her husband Jeff have not healed a deep rift over Meg’s affair with her boss.  Youngest daughter, Sarah, is once again alone while her husband Boone, a major league ball player is away on a road trip. Sarah still doesn’t trust Boone after his affair. Sarah drinks too much and bickers with her sister Kit. And the lone son of the family, Tommy, and his wife, Cass, are at odds too. Tommy is angry and surly over Cass’s melancholia and preoccupation with her inability to carry a baby to term. Tommy has made peace with their childless state and just wants his wife and marriage back. Cass is hurt and mourning the babies she lost.
In this third book about the Brennan sisters, Jane Porter deals with issues of trust, companionship, and passion as the Brennan sisters put their lives back together after the loss of their mother. She examines the breakdown of trust in a marriage well as what it takes to rebuild a relationship.
Porter once again brings real and compelling characters to life and asks the questions that every modern woman faces. In this book she introduces a new character, Lauren, a single mother who was betrayed by her first lover and who has recently lost her only child. She must learn to love and trust again. Lauren plays a key role in the Brennan saga and is also not unlike many modern women today who are alone and afraid to love. Porter also looks at the many ways people leave a marriage while staying in it. The Good Wife is a page-turner, far above the average family saga.