The Good Daughter

The latest novel in the Brennan Sister’s series from Jane Porter, The Good Daughter, deals with dilemmas facing many single women today.
Kit Brennan is the middle sister in the vivacious Brennan family. She is also the peace-making, good-girl, middle child.
At almost forty, Kit has a few disappointing romances behind her and a demanding career as an English teacher in a Catholic school. Her sisters are married and her mother is battling a fatal illness.
Kit longs for a child. As her fortieth birthday approaches, she meets two men. One man is eligible and handsome, but Kit doesn’t like him. The other is dark and seems dangerous. Kit finds she is drawn to him.
Kit knows she desperately wants a child, but does she want a husband? Kit wrestles with what she really wants from life and what she thinks her family will accept from her.
This is a story that will deeply resonate with many women today. Porter has captured the conflict facing many women today as they struggle to find balance between other people’s expectations or good behavior and what makes them happy.