Mystery to die for

The Faithful Place by Tara French is one of those rare mysteries that will appeal to even non-mystery readers. She grabs you with story that is part Angela’s Ashes and part Romeo and Juliet – all wrapped in a two-decade-old mystery.

Set in London and Dublin, the book begins as Detective Francis Mackey receives news that takes him back to a night 20 years ago and events that changed his life forever. Mackey is now a police detective in London. He left behind his troubled working-class family in Dublin and now sees only his younger sister Jackie. He is divorced from his posh British wife and dotes on his young daughter. When he is not with her, he buries himself in dangerous undercover police work.
The news he receives sends him spiraling back into a relationships with his first love that has haunted him for years. It plants him firmly back into his fractious and troubled family. The ensuing events have consequences that leave everyone’s life changed forever. The book captures the class distinctions and lyrical language of the UK. The characters are beautifully drawn. Truly a mystery to die for -I couldn’t put it down.