The cutthroat world of blogging

Sad Desk Salad by Jessica Grose is an equally intriguing and disturbing story about an ambitious blogger.
Alex Lyons works for a gossip website called Chick Habit. She is paid to post controversial stories on the hour about the hottest scandals du jour. To keep her job, she puts her own little nasty spin on stories about teen mothers and misbehaving celebrities to stir up readers and bring in page views. Alex is a modern day scandal monger.
Alex struggles along in her apartment daily posting on the hour. If she is late with a post, her demanding boss threatens her job with a scathing email.
She and her fellow Chick Habit bloggers compete and commiserate throughout the day by text and emails.
One day Alex gets an anonymous tip about the college-age daughter of a right-wing politician. The damaging story about the girls’ drug use will make her career as a gossip monger and embarrass the politician and her daughter. She hesitates, but decides to run with it.
Suddenly, Alex and her fellow Chick Habit bloggers are being attacked online by an anonymous blogger who exposes embarrassing details from their pasts.
The pressure of the online attack sends Alex into a meltdown that threatens her friendships and her relationship with her live-in boyfriend.
Grose, an editor at Jezebel magazine and former blogger tries to paint a sympathetic portrait of Alex, but fails. Alex is whiney, lazy, and reluctant to take responsibility for her actions. She bemoans her rotten job, but spends no time looking for a new one. Nor does she seem troubled by the morality of her actions – until she is threatened.
Grose succeeds in creating an intriguing tale about the sordid world of tabloid blogging sites. Sad Desk Salad is page-turner that will leave you queasy and questioning the validity of many popular gossip websites, as well as the ethics of those who write for them.
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