The Boyfriend Club by Marcia Geraci

The Boyfriend Club by Marcia Geraci is an amusing look at the pitfalls of modern dating. Grace O’Bryan has terrible taste in men. She picks users and losers. After a really bad date, she accidentally turns her book club into “The Bad Boyfriend Club” . Grace has no idea what she is starting with her gripe session at the book club. Soon she has created a monster, as one of the club’s members puts the club on the Internet. Soon, women all over Daytona Beach are showing up to expose their bad boyfriends.

In the meantime, Grace is attracted to two different men; a handsome dentist who seems to be too good to be true and the local play boy. Her brother, a handsome attorney, is working out his own love issues. Her father is struggling to save their fairly business.
Marcia Geraci has a light touch. Her characters are real and relatable. Anyone who has suffered through a few bad dates will enjoy this book.