A mystical mystery

The Book of Tomorrow by the bestselling author Cecelia Ahern is a mystical mystery set in Ireland. This romantic tale will beguile you from the first page.
Tamara Goodwin is a rich spoiled teenager whose world is turned upside down when her debt-ridden father commits suicide, leaving her beautiful mother almost catatonic.
Within weeks Tamara is packed off to the country to live with relatives she barely knows in a village with no Internet, Starbucks, or friends. Her middle-aged aunt drives her crazy and seems intent on keeping her and her mother prisoner. Her well-meaning uncle is unfathomable, kind, and clueless. Tamara’s once-lively mother remains closeted in a bedroom in a deep stupor.
Tamara’s only consolations are an elderly, eccentric beekeeping nun and a mysterious diary that helps her unlock the dark secrets that haunt her new home.
Ahern creates a tantalizing blend of quirky characters and an intriguing mystery. This page-turner will appeal to fans of mystery and romance alike.