Letting go the past

 The Art of Forgetting: A Novel by Camille Noe Pagan examines the dynamics of friendship.
Marissa and Julia are best friends. Marissa is a poor girl with a troubled family, but she has worked hard become successful. She is the editor of glossy diet magazine and has a wonderful, good looking fiancé who adores her. Well respected and beyond competent at work, Marissa is always on a diet, trying to lose five or 10 pounds. Julia is a tall, slender dancer. She seems to have it all: a perfect family, beauty and a career she loves.
The women are inseparable friends. Marissa needs Julia’s confidence and passion. Julia needs Marissa to keep her grounded.
When Julia is hit by a cab, she suffers a brain injury that alters her personality and damages her memory. Her behaviour becomes erratic and she becomes even more demanding. As Julia’s struggles to remember her past and regain her life, she clings to her old friend.
Together Marissa and Julia must revisit past loves, losses, and compromises. In doing so each woman grows more independent and stronger.
This compelling and insightful story of intense female friendship will resonate with many women of all ages.