Cooking with beer

BeFunky_The-American-Craft-Beer-Cookbook__46799.jpgI have never learned to drink beer but I love to cook with it. The rich, sweet, yeasty taste of beer is prefect for braising and baking. So I was excited to read The American Craft Beer Cookbook by John Hall. It did not disappoint me.

John Hall is an expert on beer. He has visited more than 900 breweries around the world. 

The book is a collection of 155 recipes from “brewpubs and breweries,” and not surprisingly many of the recipes use beer. The recipes include breads, appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts. There are recipes for items that you might expect in a beer cookbook, such as burgers mounded with temping piles of perfectly caramelized onion. Recipes for other things, such as a Pistachio Crusted Sandwich with Meyer Lemon Butter, are more unexpected but equally tasty-sounding. I was also intrigued and delighted by ethnic food offerings, such as Khmer Wild Boar Curry and Duck Chili Rellenos. The dessert recipes range from cookies to a more elegant beer caramel sauce and even a pumpkin pie recipe. 

The American Craft Beer Cookbook is full of ideas that will appeal to cooks of all levels and change the way you look at beer. Anyone who loves beer, cooking, and entertaining will enjoy this book.