Instant updo

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This cute updo from’s contributor Wendy Rose Gould is perfect for a summer wedding or any special occasion.  And even though it looks “red carpet-ready”, stylist Wendy Rose Gould says, “For this all you need are some bobby pins and a bit of hairspray. You can also apply a nourishing serum to your hair before starting in order to create glossier locks.” 

To create this look follow the directions below or watch the video:


The 3-Minute Woven Updo:


Take a small section of hair from the front of your head. Gently twist and then push the section up a little bit to create some lift at the top of your head. Secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins.


Take the section of hair that begins just above the ear and ends where your front section stopped. Gently twist and drape it across the back of your head, then secure.


Do the same thing again on the opposite side of your head. To conceal your bobby pins, drape this second twisted section over the last bobby pin. When securing this section, make sure the bobby pin you use is tucked under the other twisted section of hair.


Follow steps two and three again, this time using sections of hair from behind the ear. Secure with bobby pins.


Gather the leftover section of hair. Start twisting it and then wrap it into itself to create a simple twisted bun. Secure with bobby pins. If you have layered hair like me, you may have pieces sticking out. Tuck them in and then spray lightly with hairspray. You can also apply a light coat of hairspray over the entire look to keep everything in place.