Thanks and celebration

Gracey HitchcockI don’t understand those who view thank you notes as an obligation. I wonder if their development is stuck in the third grade. When I return home from a lovely engagement, receive a thoughtful gift, or if I have been shown a kind gesture, I can hardly wait to express my thanks. I want to let the other person know how special and dear to me they are. I want to express how special they made me feel. It gives me tremendous pleasure. And I am not alone; my husband also takes pleasure in creating special notes of thanks for friends.

I cherish all the special notes I have received from friends over the years. I have most of them tied with ribbons and put away. Some are from wordsmiths like me; others are from those with a more artistic bent. We all find ways to express ourselves. Some are even archived email. All are precious. Darlings, life is too short not to celebrate everything. That, my darlings, is what a thank you note is – a celebration of an occasion and relationship.
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 Gracey Hitchcock
Gracey Hitchcock
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