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NewGraceyPicw2Click the top title to open  Good manners ease the friction of human interaction and make life more pleasant. I am not only careful and prompt about writing thank you notes, I enjoy it. It gives me pleasure to thank someone for a carefully chosen gift, a lovely evening or a kindness. I enjoy the trappings too. I love fine paper and sealing wax. 

That being said, I appreciate the immediacy of email and messaging. And after all, a thank you is a thank you. It is better than no thanks at all which today is all too often the case. 

Recently, Bravo’s Andy Cohen took singer Kandi Burress to task for her casual attitude towards thank you notes. The singer confessed to sending printed notes for her wedding gifts. Cohen was visibly unimpressed. He even suggested Burress follow the printed notes with hand written notes.  Burress just shrugged it all off. 

Darlings, if someone cooks you dinner, gifts you , or in some way goes out their way write a note, email, send up a smoke signal, but please say thank you. Do it with heart and grace, and do it promptly. 

Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings, that is truly where the sweet life lies. 

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An act of elegance

Young and stylish --Emma Watson pens her thanks.Historically, all the best people have written thank you notes. Jackie O was known for hers. Grace Kelly wrote charming notes. Marilyn had a habit of scribbling hers on 8×10 glossies. According to a recent article in Harper’s Bazaar, Emma Watson, Claudia Schiffer, and Lisa Eisen also pen notes of thanks. Real royalty always write thank yous — many in their own hand. We hear Oprah even has her notes custom-designed.

Email has forever changed how we write thank you notes. It’s not a bad thing. Purists shudder, but l love the immediacy of the e-medium. There is a certain charm to having bought a lunch or done a deed, and returning home to find a thoughtful email heaping with heartfelt emotion.
Today many people feel a spoken thank you will do. But believe me, darlings, nothing does it like a note. Notes say I care, you wowed me. But it’s funny that so many people who write thank you notes by rote for business, never think to send one to a friend or loved one. Notes are simple, elegant gestures at a time when “style” often vacillates between careless neglect and wretched excess — and when money and power may be mistaken for taste and manners.
Think about an email whizzing across the continent in response to precious gifts just arrived via courier, or hand-carried in an acquaintance’s suitcase from faraway loved ones; email can be charming. Digital photos and elegant fonts can elevate an electronic “note” to ascetic heights beyond a commercial greeting.
I do still adore my pens and paper. A Mont Blanc pen, emerald ink, boxes of Smythsons or Cranes correspondence cards and even a bit of sealing wax, and I am in heaven. Beautiful art cards and reproductions work for me too. It’s all about sending something fabulous — emotionally and visually.
For special occasions or holidays I like to print or affix a special photo directly to a creamy correspondence card. Our own Karin Pacione is a master of this art. Fun and easy, it makes for a very personal keepsake of the occasion or gift. You can find everything you need at and You can also check out companies such as
Thank you notes should be thoughtful, thankful, and detailed – but that doesn’t men you have to or even should pen an epic. If it’s for a just gift say why you love it. Notes for a party or a dinner should mention details that you noticed and adored.
I’m sure there is something special to say. After all, aren’t your friends and family wonderful, unique, and special? Can you ever tell them too often? I don’t think so.
The best thank you notes are written hot — in the heat of the moment. Keep your supplies ready and just do it. Send one today. You must be thankful to someone in your life! If you have children, teach them to do it too. It’s an act of elegance and authenticity in an increasingly fragile and careless world.