Must-have tooth whitening pens

A white smile makes you look more attractive and more professional. Dingy yellow, grey, or stained teeth put you at a disadvantage in the workplace and socially.
That is why we are mad about the new tooth whitening pens from Smileactives.
There are two versions of these clever new whitening pens. They both let you take effective teeth whitening with you. And they also make tooth whitening faster and easier than ever. So if you have ever needed to clean red wine or coffee stains off your teeth at a party, or bought whitening strips but can’t remember to use them, these pens are for you!
Original Smileactives® Pen costs $25. It takes less than a minute to apply. It uses 9% stabilized hydrogen peroxide. And its makers say results are visible in two days! Each pen lasts about three weeks with twice-a-day use.
The Vibrite® tooth whitening pen costs $35. Each pen lasts for up to three weeks when used twice daily. It is a patent-pending vibratory pen that uses a slightly stronger 12% stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The micro-vibrations help the gel penetrate more effectively according to the creators and results should be visible after only one day.
Both pens are designed to be used at least twice daily after brushing. I love the idea of carrying one for touch-ups after eating or drinking staining foods, as they may be used safely up to four times a day.
According to Smileactives the pens contain 50 percent more gel than other whitening pens on the market.
The creators of Smileactives advise that for best results, refrain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes after application, as the gel continues to work for 30 minutes after it is applied. They guaranteed whitening – up to 10 shades with a single pen.
I tried the Smileactives VibritePen. I really like it. It appears to have a lot more gel in it than other pens that I have tried in the past – and I have tried many of them. It is easy to use. And I noticed subtle whitening from the first day of use. I expect my teeth will continue to whiten even though they are already fairly white. I like the minty taste and will carry one with me to social occasion to avoid being embarrassed by unexpected stains. This is the perfect complement to my teeth-whitening regime.
These pens are available at, or at
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