Need help call TaskRabbit

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Everyone is short of time these days and can use a little extra help sometimes. The problem is finding reliable and trustworthy help to clean, cook, shop, or even set up your new computer desk. Unless you are really lucky it is impossible to find someone available and competent to pick up the slack. The days of neighbourhood teens looking for extra cash are long gone in most places.  ( Download the app or go online and hiring screened help is easy-peasy.)

In my previous city, a chance inquiry for a babysitter when my friend and her toddler came to visit landed me in help-heaven. I met a group smart, sweet, high school girls who not only babysat but loved to help me at parties or anything thing else. I called their mothers to make sure it was okay if they worked when wine was served. The girls did not serve any wine. But they were fabulous at setting up, serving food, and cleaning up.  They were my dream team.

Since I relocated, finding help has been a challenge. I have had a few less-than-fabulous replacements for the girls. But now I have hope because of TaskRabbit. This service makes hiring help for all types quick, easy, and relatively foolproof. The site launched in 2008 when a Cambridge woman, Leah Busque, needed dog food in a hurry. She had no time to buy it herself and thought it would be great hire someone to do it. This led to the creation of TaskRabbit, a site that matched those who needed help with those willing to help out for cash. Since its creation the site has been streamlined and launched in 11 cities. I have been following this company since it launched and I recently attended a TaskRabbit presentation here in Atlanta.

TaskRabbit calls its service providers “taskers”. The company security-screens them, and also offers them various safety mechanisms. No cash money changes hands as all compensation is paid online. Workers can accept or refuse jobs. You can hire help with cleaning, organizing, household repairs, delivery, and types of office work. The workers set their own rates and there is a wide range. Taskers are also reviewed, so you can gauge who you are hiring. The company offers a guarantee of satisfaction and also always pays the worker.

I like everything about hiring and paying people this way. After moving to Atlanta, I find I rely heavily on reviews, and so far it works well for me.

I was also impressed with the two friendly and intelligent “taskers” who came to the presentation. The only thing I don’t like about TaskRabbit is the name. I am not happy about calling people “rabbits,” cute though they might be. The team did say consistently refer to workers as “taskers”. As far as I am concerned if they rebrand and drop the “Rabbit” business, so much the better!

If you need help and don’t want the hassle of screening or handling cash, try it. I am going to do the same, for my next party.