Beauty tips from Tanille

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Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your look. Author, singer, and songwriter Tanille Edwards has beauty tips to help make you look and feel like a character in her latest glamorous romance novel, “Broken.” 

Set in New York’s Upper Eastside “Broken” is about Milan, a young supermodel who is still struggling with all the normal teen issues as well as being hearing impaired.

Tanille’s glamourous beauty tips: 

Never leave home without moisturizer, eyeliner inside the lower lash line, and lip gloss.

Pump up your eye color by coordinating a complementary smoky eye.

For an angelic look, try golden bronzer on places that the sun kiss likes your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and portions of your cheeks.

Use a light sweet pink blush and apply before you apply concealer to make it look very natural. Then, line your inner lower lids with white eyeliner and use black eyeliner only to complement your upper lash line and go light with the mascara.

Going matchy-matchy with your eye shadow and outfits isn’t always a bad thing, if you are going for a casual warm weekend look. In certain cases going with a very light dusting of eye shadow that matches your outfit can give you a put-together look without a lot of effort.