Crime fiction must-read!

Bestselling author Tana French’s Broken Harbor pulls you into her world with a jolt.  
Her fourth novel about the Dublin murder Squad starts with the grisly stabbing of young family of four.
The family home is in Broken Harbor, a depressing and shoddy half-built development on the Irish Coast.
At the scene the father and two young children are found dead and the mother is barely alive.
The house looks weird, and – disturbingly — there’s apparently no motive for the murder.
Veteran detective Mike Scorcher and his rookie partner Richie Curran are assigned to the
high-profile case and are under pressure to solve it.
Tana French weaves an intricate, believable web of complex relationships as the crime is unraveled. She peels back the layers of her characters’ psyches and exposes their secrets mercilessly, just like detectives when solving homicides.
French paints unforgettable characters so vividly that you hear their accents and see their different gaits as she moves them through her tale. She also recreates modern Dublin and brings you deeply into the world of police stations, crowded pubs, and steamy homes filed with loud children and whistling tea kettles. French teases the reader with her characters’ secrets, doling out tiny morsels at a time and slowing striping way assumptions. As you turn the pages, you are caught in her web as she deftly manipulates both characters and readers to a haunting conclusion.