Tan your blues away

fake bakeYears ago when the health gurus first tried to convince people to stop shake and baking themselves on the beaches and spray tan instead, they found out that it wasn’t just the golden bronze colour some people needed. It was the sunlight. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects approximately two percent of adults. And let’s face it we all suffer from the lack of light during the dark days of winter. Even in the South where the climate is more temperate, the days are already shorter and many of them darker and gloomier.

Fake Bake already had the safe gorgeous bronze glow down so they looked for a way to help make dreary days more bearable for sun worshippers. According to Fake Bake the answer is “adding an ingestible form of Vitamin D called “Colecalciferol” in to their products. Colecalciferol” is the naturally occurring form of Vitamin D that is produced in the skin by skin synthesis from sunlight.

Several medial sources cite Vitamin D and Colecalciferol as effective remedies for SAD, so if dark days have you feeling blah, try getting your glow to brighten your mood.