Pamper sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin. Even though I love hot weather, it can make my skin feel prickly at times. Organix-South Naked Organix, a new line of unscented organic soaps and body butter, is a luxurious solution. This all-organic skin care line is perfect for anyone who reacts badly to fragrance or additives, but still craves luxury.

There are four delicious soap and body butter combos to pamper skin:
Sea Buckthorn oil is now used in variety of beauty lines. Sea Buckthorn – the fruit of the shrub of the same name — was recently praised by Dr. Oz for its many health benefits. It is rich in essential fatty acids, especially the elusive Omega 7.
Argan is the golden beauty oil of Morocco. It is a rich source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. Argan oil has a miraculous rejuvenating effect on hair and skin.
Neem is often called the “Village Pharmacy” by traditional Indian Ayurvedic practitioners. Neem oil is prized for its high antioxidant content. It is soothing and healing for a variety of common skin conditions. It is also very moisturizing.
Tamanu oil from Polynesia contains Callophylsäure acid, which is
anti-inflammatory and very beneficial for skin conditions such as for acne, eczema, as well as psoriasis.
I tried the Tamanu oil soap and body butter combo. I found it very soothing to my skin, even a small patch that was irritated by the heat. I love the way the body butter melts into my skin and leaves it feeling so soft.  You need only a very small amount to leave skin feeling like silk.
According to cosmetic chemist Autumn Blum founder of Organix-South, “Naked Organix offers double support for the skin. The soaps are super-fatted and gently cleanse the dermis without stripping important oils. Follow that with massaging or rubbing a body butter into your skin after bathing which not only increases circulation, but leaves the skin feeling softer, more supple and radiantly alive.  Try Naked Organix & feel better naked.”