Take a chance on seeing yourself through some else's lens.  Hair and photo: Bob Steele Salon AtlantaRecently I was feeling blah. My summer glow slipping away and I needed a pick-me-up. 

It had been about a year since I had my last salon treatment with a favourite of mine, Redken Time Reset. So I arranged to revive my weary tresses at The Bob Steele Salon in Atlanta, where they pamper you with treats such as relaxing hand massages.
As professional beauty editor, I have had the privilege of visiting many lovely salons and spas all over the world. I have always been careful about who “works” on me. Most of the time, I prefer to stick to regular beauty-makers. I have never been tempted to try every new thing on offer.
I have also learned it’s good to try some thing or someone new every once in while. If you don’t, you miss out. If you don’t see your hair skin or body occasionally through new professional’s eye, your look can get stale. Trying someone or something new can be a revelation. 
At Bob Steele’s, it was suggested I work with Danielle, an experienced stylist. As we chatted about trends for the holidays and salon services, the discussion turned to hair colour.
I told Danielle about my hair horrors since moving to Atlanta. I had finally found a good salon, but I also became sensitive to the chemicals in hair colour. I had never had this problem before and I worried it was damaging my hair and health, even though my hair now looks shiny and strong. But I had given up on finding a solution.
Danielle said she would be glad to touch up my colour as well as do the Time Reset treatment. She did not think I would feel any stinging. She assured me she would watch carefully for any reactions. She was calm and professional. Danielle was also complimentary about my cut and colour from the other salon. That impressed me.
As Danielle applied the colour, I tensed up, waiting for the stinging to start, but I felt nothing. There was no strong odor either. As she dried my hair, it was clear she knew her business. My hair was gorgeous, soft, and shiny. The colour had depth and highlights. I was thrilled!
Redken Time Reset is a new hair treatment that helps repair the “ravages of time.” Styling, the environment, age, and stress can all age your hair. It can happen at anytime in your life — even 30-year-olds can show the symptoms of “aging hair”.
Redken Time Reset is also designed to address porous age-weakened hair, but I recommend it to anyone with fine hair who wants their hair to look shiny, feel silky, and be more manageable. I really love that it lasts — not just a few days, but a full month. You can then renew at home. Unlike other popular treatments, it makes your hair stronger and isn’t full of scary chemicals. It costs just $15.
But, that had I also “reset” my look with fresh colour that didn’t sting. The next day I received several unsolicited compliments about my hair. I was glad I decided to take chance and try something new.
The same thing happened with my workout routine. About a year and half ago, I finally found a studio here in Atlanta that taught Pilates on my schedule. I liked the location and the teacher, and it was a nice way to ease back into the classes I had missed since moving here.
 I work better and harder with a good teacher. And as I work at home, the daily trip to the club forces me to get out of my office.
When Exhale Spa open a few blocks from my house, my husband kept suggesting I check it out. I was familiar with their program from their DVDs, but I was comfortable at the Pilates studio, even though I knew the classes were not as frequent or as vigorous as I needed.
Finally an invitation to the grand opening got me to Exhale, although I almost fled the packed room the first time I visited. I hate crowds. But everyone was so nice I would have felt silly leaving — so I stuck it out. The intense sweaty workout left me sore but elated. I was hooked. And the crowds thinned after that first crazy opening day.
There was a lot I didn’t love at first. It was hard to learn yet another way to work out. But the teachers at Exhale are fabulous. They are patient and inspiring and the club itself is lovely. I still had to adjust to new style of working out and I had lost a lot of my strength after three years away from my daily supervised workouts at Christine’s in Toronto. But I stayed. Now I work out five days a week and love it. I have for a year. I am now almost as strong as I used to be. I am working on getting back to being as thin. It is process and I see progress. It is a thrill when my old clothes fit like they use to.
I have been down this road before. When my yoga routine changed in Toronto and the teachers that worked best for me and body were less available, I found Christine’s.
It was the first time I worked out regularly in gym using weights, and it was fabulous. Christine helped me reset my look and my attitude. And it’s not just me. A younger friend came to Christine’s with me. She totally “reset” her look there.
It is so easy to fall into rut, but resist. Try new things from time to time. Don’t let your look or your life get stale. Even a little change can reset your look and attitude.