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 Some of you may wonder why I didn’t mention Andrew Weiner very much when I wrote about Sydney Leathers. There are two distinct issues at play here, and it is important not to confuse them. One is Weiner’s bad judgement. End of story. I really could not care less about his sex habits. That is between him and his wife. Obviously his bad judgment does not make him a stellar candidate. The other issue is more disturbing to me and that is how accepting we have become of bad behavior in the name of fame and wealth. Sydney Leathers and women like her are becoming common. Somehow young women are getting the message that selling sex is okay, if you do it in a really good neighbourhood and get paid a lot. That is disturbing. 
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Have a sweet week my darlings! Don’t waste a single day of summer.
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Also, we have agreed to join with City Cosmetics to help promote their contest for their new Dragon’s Blood Beauty Elixir. We have not done this in ages, but we have had an interest in contests and this is a good one! You have chance to win a $200 gift set.
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