Sybil Exposed!

For many of us, the name Sybil is forever connected with multiple-personality disorder.  

Few people had heard of the condition before the book Sybil was published in 1973. 
It was a phenomenon, selling more than six million copies. It was also the basis for a television movie starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward. The world was fascinated by the tale of a woman with 16 multiple personalities.
The book was not only a runaway bestseller, the doctor behind it, Connie Wilbur, used Sybil’s case to revolutionize the care of women diagnosed as “hysterical”. She also established herself as the leading authority on multiple-personality disorder. 
According to the publishers, before Sybil, “there had been less than 200 known cases of multiple personality disorder in history; afterwards, approximately 40,000 in just a few years!”
Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case by journalist Debbie Nathan exposed the alleged fraud behind the book. Nathan uses recently-opened archives at JohnJayCollege to uncover the scam perpetrated by Dr. Connie Wilbur, the ambitious psychiatrist desperately seeking recognition, her besotted patient Shirley Mason (Sybil) and Flora Schreiber, a New York City writer.
This page-turner will leave you reeling. Nathan traces the three women’s lives, from all three women’s troubled adolescence to when they first met, and through the fabrication of “Sybil”. Nathan is master storyteller. She resists the urge to sensationalize the already-shocking facts.
This is a fascinating tale of manipulation and neediness – don’t miss it.