It’s all about attraction

When it comes to scent, darlings, it is all about the art of attraction. It starts when you are getting dressed and you indulge yourself in layers of a beautiful sensual scent. It makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Then you go out and unleash your feminine wiles on the world, or maybe just one special person. To create that special alchemy, you don’t want just any scent. Victoria Secret knows that, so they created VS Attractions, a fragrance line that contains Evertempt, a special blend of notes that “radiate an almost pheromone-like allure”. They added this special intoxicating blend to four fragrances. The more I use them, the more I like them. The scents seem much more expensive than they are, and are a perfect option, if you are on a budget. This is just the thing for the warm sensual season ahead.

There are four VS Attractions to choose from:
Sweet Craving — a warm a vanilla praline scent that is almost edible. I love this for a cozy night at home. It smells like a sexy cookie.
Wild One — a blend of Midnight Raspberry and Sexy Lily. This sensual fruity scent is good for days and evenings.
Glam Goodness — combines the essence of Naked Freesia with a Sensual Musk for feminine and sexy fragrance.
Love Bitten — sweet with “Forbidden” Apple and Sultry Wood. This is a sexy, fruity, fun-loving scent.