Save your whites

Pesky yellow perspiration stains on pristine whites are not a very glam conversation topic. But it is even less chic when they appear under arms or on collars marring your look. The problem can be frustrating, especially since they are hard to remove. Lady Speed Stick with Stainguard technology tackles the problem with a new patent- pending “gelling system” to help the antiperspirant adhere to your skin better. The same system keeps it from leaving tacky a white residue on your dark clothes. It comes in two scents Powder Fresh and Daringly Fresh. Men suffer from this problem too, so there is a New Speed Stick with Stainguard for them too.

Nasty sweat stains are  hard to remove act promptlyDolceDolce tip: Never use chlorine bleach on delicate whites. Over time, it can yellow cotton. To remove stains and whiten delicates, launder promptly if you know you have a stain, or you perspire heavily. Add Borax to your detergent; it helps by softening water. Take a few minutes to pre-treat stains. I use plain, gentle soap from my bathroom sink to wash out stains on cottons, washable silk, or lingerie. Use cold or warm water – never hot! Soak overnight. To a basin of cool water, add: ¼ cup of 5 percent hydrogen peroxide or pure lemon juice. Test the mixture on a corner of any fabric you are concerned it may damage. Rinse in cold water and dry in the sun. It works wonders on anything dingy and many yellow-based stains.