Sushi is on a roll

SushiStyle Cocoon chair

If you thought sushi had become passé, you haven’t seen SushiStyle, the brain child of Atlanta-based graphic designer Mimi Tin. Sushi Style is a whimsical new line of high-end functional ottomans that have the look of meticulously prepared sushi. Silk thread is woven on supple fabric to create the illusion of delicate sushi fillings. There is also an adorable cocoon chair – my favourite piece.

The collection has been 10 years in the making. Mimi was inspired by the excitement of the Pop Art movement and sculptor Claes Oldenburg’s use of iconic American food and everyday objects in his grand-scale 3-D installations.

Mimi describes her own inspiration best: “I love the humor and emotion evoked when common everyday objects are presented in such a different context and become larger than life,” says Mimi. “My line of ottomans evolved naturally through the fusion of my Asian background and my quirky personality. Sushi lends itself to my appreciation of beauty and aesthetics through its beautiful presentation of shapes and colors, and as furniture, captures the laughter and energy of my personal life.”