Survive pregnancy, like a star!

Janice Min, the editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter and former editor-in-chief of Us Weekly, spent years reporting on celebrity moms. She knows the pressure they feel to look fabulous only weeks after giving birth. As a new mother herself, she knows that real women feel they need to emulate them – and it is not that easy.
In her book, How to Look Hot in a Minivan, Min blows the lid off secrets of celebrity moms. She tells real moms how stars look so fit and slim, weeks after having a baby. She shares tips on how to go from a hot mess to a hot mamma in five minutes, five easy ways to look thinner, nine ways to self-sabotage your diet, what to eat when eating out, great drugstore makeup tips, and more.
I loved Min’s breezy no-nonsense style and accessible attitude. I also like her emphasis on healthy eating and exercise.
Min preaches self-acceptance combined with self-improvement.  In my book that is a recipe for happiness. This is definitely a book I would give as a gift to any glam new mom on my list.

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