Super anti-oxidant breakthrough

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L’dara’s new Advanced Anti-Aging Serum with LBP-5 is made from the super anti-oxidant goji berry. According to the company, “L’dara scientists have spent over $5.5 million doing research on the goji berry and its remarkable anti-aging benefits.” In the course of their research they noticed, “Goji appeared to be having some extremely beneficial oxidation in the skin. These studies also demonstrated that goji protected several major enzymes involved in skin health.” 

This led to the development of L’dara’s primary ingredient, “LBP-5 Complex”. The company explains that,” The LBP-5 stands for the Latin name for the goji berry, Lycium barbarum, the active part, “Polysaccharide,” and the most important one for skin health, the polysaccharide called “5.” 

I recently tried a sample of L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum and it feels fabulous. The great feel is partially due to silicone in the formula. Silicone gives products silky texture and it also makes them ideal under makeup. 

I have tried literally hundreds of anti-aging creams and lotions over the years as a beauty editor. I know what to look for in a serum and L’dara has “all the right stuff”. I am impressed with the feel of the product on my face and the formula. The serum contains a great peptide cocktail: glycerin, caffeine, and a few of my other favourite anti-aging ingredients. 

If you are looking for an effective anti-aging serum to add to your skin care regime this is one to try. The price is  $120 including shipping.