Stop painful sunburns

Have you ever slathered on sunscreen only to come home from day at the beach or company picnic with a painful, skin-damaging burn. I have, and it makes me shun the sun. I have no desire to ruin my skin, and burns are no fun at all.

That is why I’m crazy about the new UVSunSense.  It is a wristband that tells you when your sun block is no longer working and needs to be reapplied. How fabulous is that? You put on a wristband then apply your sun screen. The band turns purple to let you know it is working. When it goes brown you need to put on more sunscreen or get out of sun. The wristbands are water-proof and sweat-proof too.
The bands were developed using the same technology that is used to monitor personnel at nuclear power plants. Instead of measuring gamma rays, these bands measure ultraviolet light or UV radiation that is present in sunlight. UVSunsense is perfect for the whole family, especially active members who may forget to pay attention to their sunscreen.