Are you baked?

Protect your hairJust because you love the beach, it doesn’t mean you hair does. Sun and salt can leave your hair and skin looking baked. And the chlorine from a swimming pool is even more devastating. It not only dries your hair, but can leave colour looking funny –washed-out or greenish. Even the strong sun you’re exposed to every day when running errands and just hanging out can be strand-distressing. 

Don’t despair; Rene Furterer has a solution to revive and rehydrate your dried locks. The Sun Care line has rich palm butter and a special complex of photosterols, cermatides, and essential fatty acids to revive hair. These lush ingredients in Sun Care Shampoo gently cleanse fried hair. It is especially kind to highlighted or coloured hair.
The Sun Care Repairing After Sun Mask and No-Rinse Moisturizing Spray also have special ingredients to detangle hair without damage.
Sun Care Water Proof Nutritive Oil KPF 90 is sun screen for your hair. It is scientifically proven to protect 90 percent of the hair’s keratin. Its sesame oil is a natural UV block as well as deep conditioner. It also prevents chlorine and salt from building up and damaging hair. One application lasts all day.
Sun Care Water proof Moisturizing Fluid KPF 90 is a lighter version of the same essential sunscreen for hair. It won’t weigh down fine hair, but it will keep it hydrated and protected.
Just spray one of these luxe sprays on to damp hair. Slick back hair and braid long hair for sexy classic look. Don’t forget your no-break elastics. I use the Goody brand with the little no-slip balls from the drug store.  
Darlings if you are like me, you spend too much time and money on your hair to fry it in the sun and then soak it in salt and chemicals. Protect your hair as you do your skin and you’ll be gorgeous when the sun goes down.
DolceDolce Tip for taming frizzy hair:
Beat the frizzy-blues. If all the recent humidity has made your naturally curly hair frizz, try Rene Furterer Acanthe Perfect Curls Enhancing Leave in Fluid for defined curls.
And if your sleekly blown dry hair has succumbed to the heat too, try Rene Furterer Myrrhea Anti-Frizz Hair Care for Unruly and Rebellious Hair. There is a whole range of this line as there is for Acanthe. Just a little Myrrhea Silkening Fluid is a serum that will tame most hair before blow drying. We have fully reviewed both of these lines in recent issues.