Summer shape wear

Spanx Skiinny Britches --so light and in pretty colours tooI have never been a fan of shape wear. Beyond the occasional pair of control top hose, I have never been able to stand it. The idea of wearing it during the sweltering summer was unbearable. But recently, I have changed mind. I recently tried Spanx Skinny Britches. They are ultra sheer and actually, pretty! My pair of Skinny Britches shorts in pale iris is adorable, and my skirt in pink is brilliant. They are weightless and a dream to wear. The skirt is a slop that can’t ride up, it is a pair of shorts with an additional slip layer in front.

Skinny Britches won’t replace time at the gym – heaven forbid! — but they can help your clothes slide over you. Kelly Osborne during E!’S Fashion Police show recently put it this way: “Spanx aren’t just for big people. They help smooth you out.” I couldn’t agree more. Definitely try a pair of Skinny Britches, they are a stylist-secret that will take your look from good to fabulous.