Summer shape-up tips

If you not already working out, now is the time to start! You still have time to shape up before summer. Exercise won’t change your body type, but it will help to make the most of what you have. Everyone who is toned and fit looks and feels better. Working out to a good DVD is the next best thing to working out with a good trainer or taking a challenging class. Here are a few of our favourite DVD workouts and tips on getting the most out them from the top trainers who made them. 

From Joy Bauer on: Mindful Eating: Tip: Eat Slowly
Research shows that you consume about 60 fewer calories per meal when you eat slowly. Use this strategy at all three meals, and you’ll save 180 calories per day. That adds up to 20 pounds lost by the end of the year!
DVD: Joy Bauer’s Slimdown Workout
This is no-nonsense but fun, with two 20-minute segments covering cardio and strength building – plus Joy’s weight-loss tips. Joy is appealing and supportive. This is a great start for anyone new to the fitness game. 
Fred Devito and Elisabeth Halfpapp
Maximizing Your Core Fusion Workout: Focus on the Set Up Cues for Each Exercise
You will get the best results when you think position, alignment, and then how much you can do in the position, like a ballet dancer who is training. Once you are out of alignment your movements become off-balance and less effective.
The DVD:  Core Fusion Thighs and Glutes DVD
This disc has five- to 10-minute routines that will lift your derriere, tone your legs, and trim your waist. The program targets all the right spots. While you cannot lose weight through spot exercise, you can tighten tone and sculpt. If you do the routines at high intensity, you will burn fat too! The DVD has several bonus features including a five-minute leg-lift strengthener to shape long lean legs.  There are seven other Core Fusion DVDs, but this is my favourite class at the Exhale Spa. It’s easy to see what has made Core Fusion a celebrity favourite.
Andrea Rogers
What Makes Xtend Unique and How You Can Add Intensity
Xtend Barre provides a cardio workout, as the class moves quickly and implements specific cardio exercises. Xtend Barre classes equally challenge aspects of stretch, strength, stability and stamina! It is a total body workout. Finally, Xtend Barre props, such as the yoga strap, stretch bands, and playground balls always add a fun twist to an already intense workout. If you have fantasies of being a ballet dancer, or if you like to dance, Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled with Andrea Rogers may be your workout. Rogers is an engaging instructor with something new and challenging to offer. She is the owner of The DVD: Xtend Workout. Rogers has been a dancer and choreographer since age 18 – and it shows. The Xtend Workout incorporates dance movements and techniques for a flowing and challenging workout. The 55-minute workout is divided into three segments: a bare segment to shape hips, thighs and gluts; a section to tone arms with light weights; and one for abs. If you do it right, the workout is intense.
I take challenging barre class four to five times a week, but do not dance. I still have nightmares about the old-style dance workouts. But I loved this! It really will chisel your body.
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