Summer reading list

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Click on the top title and scroll to open  Summer is the perfect time to curl up with a good book or two. Here is a selection of a few you may want to pack for the beach or pool.

The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra byHelen Rappaport will delight royal watchers. The four Grand Duchesses – Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, daughters of Czar Nicholas II – have been described as the “Princesses Diana” of pre-revolutionary Russia. They were the followed as avidly as royal lovers follow the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today. 

Using unpublished letters, journals, and personal photographs, acclaimed biographer Helen Rappaport paints an intimate portrait of the family’s life in captivity by Bolsheviks. Rappaport shares their thoughts and feelings in the final years as well as little-known personal events. The princesses and their parents were assassinated in a hail of bullets in 1918. The Romanov Sisters is a very personal look at a key time in Russian and world history.

In the novel The Stories We Tell by Patti Callahan, Eve and Cooper Morrison have it all. They are good-looking, successful, and live in a fabulous old house in gorgeous, historic Savannah. They know everyone and everyodownload (3)ne wants to know them.It is a life Eve thought she would never have when she was growing up in a cramped house with her dour, dysfunctional family.  Eve couldn’t afford tuition to the Savannah College of Art and Design when she graduated from high school. She owns her successful Letter Press design studio and even has two employees, not counting her sister Willa. Willa lives in the guest house and works for her too. Willa, a recovering alcoholic, has always been fragile. The Stories We Tell examines comprises made in the name in love. It is a compelling modern tale. Eve’s husband Cooper runs a digital magazine Called Southern Tastes that features all things southern that gentlemen love. The magazine struggles but Cooper is convinced he can make a success. No one ever guesses it isn’t thriving.  Their teenage daughter Gwen is a beauty.   Eve and Copper’s life is picture perfect if you don’t look too closely. One day Cooper and Willa are involved in a serious car accident. The accident sets off a chain reaction of events that exposes family secrets that make it clear that their perfect family was only an illusion.

The House on Mermaid Point by Wendy Wax is the latest novel from the author of Ten Beach Road and Ocean Drive.The reality TV makeover team of Maddie, Avery, and  Nikki are assigned to renovate aging rock singer Wild Will’s island estate into a B&B. Will is recovering addict who has squandering his fortune and now needs income. He is not happy about having his only refuge invaded or turned into a B&B. The women tackle the almost impossible job off transforming the property on camera while dealing with various personal crises. The page-turning novel is full of romance, pathos and humour. This is light summer entertainment you can read under an umbrella with a Pina Colada.

Hold Me in Contempt by Wendy Williams is sexy, tough, mystery romance. Talk show host Wendy Williams has penned a gritty and sensuous contemporary romance-mystery.Using flash-backs Williams tells the story of Kim a young, attractive district attorney. Kim is the child of an alcoholic father and drug addict mother. Her brother is a gang banger. Hold Me Contemptin Contempt is a wild ride as we follow Kim’s romance with her boss, ex-boyfriend, and a powerful drug dealer. The book is cleverly written and Williams keeps the reader guessing to the end with wild plots twists and turns. This sizzling hot read is perfect summer pool side reading. Be sure to have a cold drink handy.

Saving Ruth by Zoe Fishman is an unusual coming of age tale that tackles the issues of anorexia, anti-Semitism and homosexuality.

Ruth, a former fat girl, arrives home after her first year in college. After years of dieting Ruth is now too thin. He popular soccer-star brother is acting strange and disaffected. And so begins a long hot southern summer. Zoe Fishman paints a realistic portrait of life as an outsider in small town. She also deftly conveys how famiBuffidresslies struggle with issues like anorexia and expectations. Saving Ruth is a thought-provoking read.


Redemption of the Duke by Gayle Callen is the love story Adam Chamberlin, the Duke of Rothford and Faith Cooper.Adam never expected to a Duke. As a third son he drank, gambled and did as pleased until war and the death of his men sobered him up.Faith Cooper is a gentle woman. When her brother, a member of Adam’s regiment is killed, she is forced to seek work as a companion to support herself and her mother.Adam is determined to help Faith to make up for her brother’s death. Faith has a secret of her own and had vowed never to be under obligation to anyone. Redemption of the Duke of the Duke is a modern Regency Romance. It has all the drama and elegance of period that delights fans of the genre combined with pacing and sentiments that appeal to today’s romantic. Redemption of the Duke is a sexy, sweet tale fans of the genre will enjoy.

The Once and Future Duchess, by best-selling author Sophie Nash, is a sparkling tale of May-December romance in Regency England.
The reserved and responsible Duke of Candover has acted an adviser to Isabelle, the very young Duchess of March, since her father died. Now the Prince Regent has declared all the single Dukes and Duchess in his entourage must marry.

Isabelle decides she wants to wed the Duke of Candover. She has loved him since she was a child. Conover is horrified as he promised her father she would not marry an older man.

The Duke of Conover also carries a dark secret that prevents him from showing his deepest feelings and passions.

In true Regency style Isabelle and the Duke of Conover become entangled in their friend’s love affairs as they struggle to find their way to true love and each other.

The Once and Future Duchess is full of appealing characters, amusing misunderstandings, and sizzling romance. It will please the most discriminating Regency aficionado.

Love with a Perfect Cowboy by Lori Wilde is yet another “Cowboy Romance” in her bestselling series. This one is all about first love, as Wilde treats readers to an updated Romeo and Juliet tale.

Melody Spencer had left the drama and petty feuding of her home town of Cupid, Texas when she moved to New York. Melody had become a successful public relations executive and loved life. But when she refuses to fudge facts for a client she finds her career suddenly derailed.

Melody cannot believe her streak of bad luck. On the same day she is fired, her boyfriend breaks up with her and tosses her out of his apartment.

Homeless and unemployed, Melody runs smack into her first love Luke Neilson, now the mayor of Cupid. When he offers her a job she cannot refuse. Luke and Melody have chemistry that won’t quit. They can’t keep their hands off each other, but, their families won’t stop fighting.

This frothy read will delight Wilde fans and those who dream of cowboy lovers.

Self-help shelf: 

Born to Receive: 7 Powerful Steps Women Can Take today to Reclaim Their Half of the Universe gives women practical tools to access their intuition. Author Amanda Owen offers exercises and check lists to help women get rid of users, tune into their own feelings and more. This is book is a quick read with many easy-to-implement techniques.

How to Attract Luck by A.H.Z. Carr claims that there are seven golden rules that will attract luck, and three sure-fire ways to drive it away. If you need better luck – and who doesn’t? – this book is an informative and amusing read.

Buffi’s Dress Design by Buffi Jashanmal is the perfect gift for the future fashion designer in your life. The book is written in a light chatty style to appeal to young readers who are interested in fashion design. The book contains patterns and instructions for cute, super-simple summer shifts. I like this book; it is designed to give young women a positive introduction to sewing.