Peachy-beachy street

On Folly Beach by Karen White is a story of love and loss that moves between two wars. This delicious summer read tells the tale of several women and their wartime loves on FollyBeach, a magical island off the coast of South Carolina

Janie, a young war widow and librarian, arrives in FollyIsland and buys the local book store. She’s hoping to forget the pain of her recent loss. As she moves into her new home and store, she discovers the mystery behind the tangled loves and losses of the two cousins who lived and worked there during the World War Two.

The intriguing tale is filled with romance, passion, envy, and intrigue. Karen White deftly entwines the two periods as she tells love stories of three flawed, but human women.  
On FollyBeach was meant for lazy summer days. We loved Karen White’s The House on Tradd Street. Her latest book did not disappoint.

Peachy-beachy reads

Gloria Nagy’s Seasick is the best kind of summer mind-candy, light, addictive and non-fattening. Curl up with it on a beach, in a hotel room, or in your own favourite corner and enjoy her wicked humour. Seasick is a wickedly funny mystery set aboard a cruise ship. Nagy doesn’t spare anyone as she sends up snobs, poseurs, Romeos, and all the characters who sail the high seas looking for love and adventure. I couldn’t put it down.
Grey Gardens by Rebekah and Sara Maysles is a lavishly-illustrated coffee table book for devotees of the film. GreyGardens is a cult classic about an eccentric mother and daughter that is beloved by fans of the era, Jackie O, and Little Edie (Beale).
This book is definitely for aficionados only. It contains a transcript of the original scripts, production notes, and other archival material. Every page is covered with a lavish collage of drawing, painting, and photos. The book also contains a CD of what is described as the “Beales at their best.”
The original documentary, about the two relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy, living in a dilapidated Hampton‘s mansion filed with garbage, was made by two brothers David and Albert Maysles in 1975. The project received instant notoriety because of the Beales’ famous relations.
Recently, a HBO film starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as Big and Little Edie in GreyGardens has revived interest in the eccentric mother and daughter.