What you need to be fabulous now!

Perfect summer dress --white eyelet by Taharo $102. from Zappos.com
Summer is the time to try a trend. Let your sensual side guide you. Hot sizzling days demand pretty summer dresses and cool crisp whites. You have the rest of the year to dress in in drab. Now is the time for bright colours or pretty pastels, depending on your mood. Whatever shade you choose, be sure to show a little skin.
Here is what you need to look fabulous now, my darlings:
A pretty summer frock or two
Now is the time to shop. The sales are just starting, but there is still a good selection. Summer dresses are a girl’s best friend. The right style will conceal any little figure flaws while revealing your best points. Find a dress that will show off your small waist, elegant shoulders, or great legs.
Crisp linin or lacy eyelet in white always looks rich and right. Pink cotton is feminine and sweet. Light blue, cerulean, or turquoise will give you an air of serenity. If you feel trendy, choose a tribal or IKat print. And if you want to wear black, make it bare and chic and never too clingy.
Sultry nights are the time to don cocktail frocks in brilliant silks with bare necklines and strappy heels. Or, toss on a flowing chiffon dress with a pair of metallic sandals, and look romantic and boho.
If you want to look svelte, avoid popular maxi dresses that make all but reed-thin girls look dumpy and matronly. Stick to tea length or shorter to look trim and thin.
Whites: No summer wardrobe is complete without a stash of crisp and cool whites. Find yourself a slim fitting pair of white jeans or a white denim skirt. Keep a stack of freshly laundered white t-shirts and a well-ironed white shirt or two to wear with cotton skirts or shorts. A slim seersucker pencil skirt worn with a well-fitted white shirt is drop dead sexy and yet so ladylike on a hot summer’s day.
Classic dresses: If you work in an office there is nothing cooler or more professional-looking for hot summer day than a simple tailored sheath. If you are a tear-dropped shaped, look for an A-line dress. Hour-glass ladies will want fit and flares shapes. Athletically built girls may want to soften their look with a gathered waist. And if you have smaller bust look for an empire line or collar details. A well-tailored dress makes it snap to get ready in the morning. Just step into your cool frock. Add a lovely pair of peep toe pumps or strappy sandals and off you go!
If your office is frigid, don’t huddle in a granny cardigan. Instead stash a few cozy pashminas in your drawer with a classic cream or black cardigan in cashmere or lamb’s wool. If your work place is really an ice box, think about keeping a few pairs of tights in your desk drawer, too. Cold feet can ruin your day. But schlepping around in the heat dressed like a bag lady can be depressing, so keep a collection of warm items at the office if need be, and launder them often.
Summer shoes: Metallic sandals and sporty wedges are must- have summer shoes. Strappy embellished sandals can make even a simple summer outfit look sexy or chic. Peep-toe pumps in patent leather add ladylike cool to summer ensembles for daytime. Learn the brands that fit your foot and then shop the sales. Don’t buy shoes that hurt your feet, or heels that mark you teeter. Sexy shoes are all about bareness, not height. Look for shoes you can walk in that flatter your silhouette. If you are teetering, limping, or barefoot, you are not chic.
Jewels: Yes, darlings you need jewels! But they don’t need to be real. Start collecting! Bracelets, ropes of pearls, beads, chains, and rings. Buy the best you can afford. If you are on a budget or just naturally frugal, shop the sales. Good costume jewelry is collectable and lasts decades, if you care for it. So is the semi-precious stuff that and it is still affordable. One of my favourite pieces is a waist-length rope of large fresh-water baroque pearls. I bought them in New Orleans for a song. They are versatile. I wrap them round and round my neck. They look fabulous — chic but not matronly.
Darlings, summer is the time to sizzle. Turn up the heat on your look.