The summer solstice has come and gone. Now is the time to make every day of this glorious season count. Relish it as if you were a child. Sit up and enjoy the long days. Watch the sun set. Go out and enjoy a cocktail with a friend on a warm night. Summer gives you the energy to do more. Enjoy it. Have an impromptu cocktail party for friends, keep it simple. Maybe drinks on the balcony or patio? Serve a new cocktail and some simple but tasty bites. Buy them on them on your way home, if you are too rushed to cook. There are tasty and healthful things everywhere now. Keep it simple. Think light; melon, feta, and proscuitto and a fresh baguette will keep people happy. So will hummus, olives, string cheeses, and fresh pita. The idea is to celebrate often and easily. Enjoy the summer my darlings. Make every day sweet! Attention all DD readers in the Southeast near Atlanta and Savannah and surrounding parts-don’t miss Tybee Throws a Fit July 2nd on Tybee Island  a fun free fitness fair put together put Oceanfront Cottage Rental Stacye Jarell, Toren Anderson with Ruby from Style Network and her trainers Drew and Shazi Emonds –get there and go nuts for fitness!

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Gracey Hitchcock
Photo by: www.yanka.ca
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