Feeling a little fried?

Ursla Andress one of the orginal Bond girls and an ideal summer beautyThere is no fun like summer fun. Long summer days and warm evenings lead to impromptu parties and late nights. But sun, sand, and a hectic social schedule can also leave you looking a bit fried from head to toe. Follow our simple tips to bump up your summer beauty regime and get back your glow.
Treat your feet
Feet take a beating in summer. Pretty sandals as well as days spent at the beach or hiking can make feet a mess with blisters, calluses and other bumps and scrapes. You can indulge your feet in a deluxe pedicure at a spa or add these steps to your usual regime. Renew your feet with daily anti-aging scrub. We like the scrubs from St. Ives. Pay special attention to your cuticles and any dry, problem areas. It feels great and your feet will glow. Once a week, give your feet a moisturizing mask. This pampering treatment is often the final beautifying step in pricy spa pedis. We like Crabtree & Evelyn La Source – Intensive Conditioning Foot Mask with marine collagen and botanicals. Or, use an inexpensive but effective moisture mask from the drugstore. We love masks from Montagne Jeunesse that come in single-use packets for under $2. Look for them at your favourite drugstore. 
Pamper your skin
Air conditioning, sun exposure, and too much outdoor fun can leave skin rough and dry. This is not a good look with summer’s bare fashions. Exfoliate daily. A quick scrub in the shower with a body polish or clean washcloth will help skin glow. (Avoid body scrubbers that you can’t launder, or completely and quickly dry after use, as they will become contaminated quickly.) Mix up a great body polish with 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 tsp. of your favourite essential or scent. Place your scrub in a pretty jar and you are ready to go. Sugar actually helps to heal the skin, so this is one sweet treat that is good for you.
Enhance your tan
A bit of colour can be flattering and lift your spirits. Sunless tanning makes being a golden goddess harmless. But all tans can look start pale or look aging and yellowish without good maintenance. So exfoliate as a tan ages. Apply fresh sunless tanner or refresh your tan with a product like Jergens Natural Glow and Protect with 20 SPF. It never streaks and keeps tans looking fresh. We love this drugstore brand.
Enhance your fading tan with Fake Bake Golden Faux Glow. You can get an instant boost of colour with Fake Bake Golden Faux Glow in either Shimmer or Bronzer. Shimmer has hint of sparkle and Bronze is matte.
Sunless tanning can disguise small flaws such has stretch marks or minor cellulite. If you like the look consider, doing what a smart friend of mine did and buy a package of spray tans. It’s cost-effective and you’ll keep your tan looking fresh.
Revive frizzy, limp locks: Hair can look fried by July from too much sun, over-styling, pool chemicals, and salt water.
Refresh your colour with a gloss or glaze if it looks dull. Or give yourself a shine-boosting gloss or glaze at home. We suggest trying Fekkai Salon Glaze or John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze. The John Frieda comes in colours for different hair shades; you’ll have to experiment to see what type of glaze you prefer.
A quick trim will make your hair swing with new life.
Treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask weekly, if you heat style or swim often. These masks can really improve your hair's condition. All the experts I have interviewed swear by regular deep conditioning, especially if you colour your hair. Pureology’s Hydrate Hydracure mask is a miracle in a jar. The divinely scented mask contains Shea butter, jojoba, mango, and avocado butters for instant shine and softness. The mask also prevents colour fading with Pureology’s exclusive AntiFadeComplex. http://www.pureology.com/systems/hydrate/hydracure. We also like Pantene Pro-V Restore Replenishing Hair Mask. It is a true beauty bargain for under $5 that will leave hair soft, manageable, and very shiny!
Daily conditioning is vital. If you skip daily conditioner because it is too much trouble, try using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, such as Pert Plus. It comes in several formulas will leave your hair shiny and manageable. Do not skip conditioner.
Darlings, just a few extra minutes a day of pampering can take you from fried to divine.

Tanning tips from brow expert Natalie Plain

Brow maven, Natalie and her husband and business partner Bob  PlainMost women are careful about sun exposure these days, opting for sunless tanning or a spray-on glow. But tanning and sun exposure can still play havoc with your eyebrows. Natalie Plain, founder of Billion Dollar Brows, shares tips for avoiding the most common summer brow disasters.
Here are Natalie’s tips:
Spray tan and brow shaping dilemma
In the summer, many women make it their personal goal to get as bronzed as possible. If you are planning a day of beauty complete with a spray tan and a brow shaping session, it might be better to schedule them at least a day apart. 
"Spray tans can take up to 24 hours to develop,” Natalie explains. “If you get your brows waxed while your spray tan is setting on your face, it will exfoliate the skin and, in turn, remove the color you applied with your spray tan. I learned this lesson many moons ago the hard way, when I tanned for a family wedding and had my brows shaped right afterward. I looked really silly; I don't put those wedding pictures on the mantle!" 
Mismatched brows
Another common issue during the summer when tanning is that hair can lighten and change. What happens if the hair on your head gets lighter, but your eyebrows maintain their original hue? Natalie suggests tinting your eyebrows so that the color is one shade darker than your hair color. “If the hair on your head appears lighter due to your darker skin tone, think about tinting your eyebrows so that they compliment your hair color.” Be sure to seek professional help!
Zebra Syndrome
Many women find that their skin appears to be two different tones after they go on a vacation or a tanning spree. This can be very noticeable around the brow and eye area. Natalie recommends using bronzer to fill in the gaps: “Exfoliate the portion of your skin that is not tanned, and apply moisturizer. Use bronzer or sunless tanner to blend your skin tone. Allow time for your skin to balance out.”
Spray Tan
Synthetic tans can cause unwanted effects on eyebrows. For instance, many women report that spray tanning gives their eyebrows a reddish tint. “The chemicals in spray tan sometimes stick to hair,” Natalie says, “which is why most women use coverings to protect the hair on their head. Try to avoid color issues altogether by applying Vaseline beforehand, or when spray tan particles stick, simply exfoliate or apply lemon juice to remove.”